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Codonics: Growth through Exports


When the federal govenrment set a goal of doubling U.S. exports in five years, it had growing companies like Codonics in mind. The firm designs and manufactures devices used to safely and accurately record and store vital data, and  improve workflow, in operating rooms, radiology labs and other medical settings. Their products range from the Horizon three-in-one radiological imager (it is a dry film imager, a color imager, and a grayscale paper imager that requires less than two feet of desk space) to FDA-approved label systems and disc importers and publishers.

With just under 200 employees, the northeast-Ohio based company exports products to 110 countries. Exports account for 70% of total sales, making the company a model for export-driven growth. Codonics now has 30,000 product installations worldwide, and has opened sales offices in Europe, Latin America, Japan ,Malaysia and China.

Codonics was recognized for its export success with the Commerce Department’s E Award in 2010. With the growing emphasis on electronic medical records, the company is well positioned for future growth, as well, making it a Great Manufacturing Story.