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Firmgreen: Converting Hydrocarbons from Renewable Resources to Electricity for Vehicles and Fuel Cells


Firmgreen is an example of a U.S.-based manufacturer that derives the vast majority of its sales revenue from overseas. Based in Newport Beach, the company makes products that convert solid, liquid, and gaseous hydrocarbons from renewable resources (such as biomass and landfill gas) into renewable electricity and clean biofuels to power vehicles and fuel cells.

The company relies on insurance from the Ex-Im Bank to back much of its overseas business. Company executives note that some European and Asian rivals have government-sponsored financing. Without Ex-Im Bank, the competitive playing field would be far from level.

Firmgreen’s web site notes that it is committed to developing facilities that generate value for the owners of landfills and water treatment plants; provide the best use of local waste, water, and solar resources; operate in an environmentally responsible manner; and generate job creation and an increased tax base. Not surprisingly, that commitment commands the attention of potential clients in a variety of countries, including the Philippines, Brazil, and Mexico. As countries strive to increase their renewable energy portfolios, companies like Firmgreen will continue to see opportunities for their advanced technologies.