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Foss Manufacturing: First Respirator to Eliminate 99.99% of Bacteria


As healthcare professionals treat their patients, exposure to harmful bacteria is a natural concern. A new product, the SpectraShield Surgical Respirator Mask by Nexera Medical, is a huge step forward. It is the first antibacterial respirator mask to achieve FDA clearance. By eliminating 99.99 percent of bacteria on the treated surface within one hour, it makes huge strides in protecting healthcare employees as they do their daily work.

The mask was named the 2011 New Hampshire High Technology Council Product of the Year. The mask’s breakthrough in antimicrobial effectiveness was developed by Foss Manufacturing, which is based in New Hampshire. In contrast to antimicrobial agents that are applied via chemical coatings, the non-metallic technology in Fosshield® is blended into the fabric, and uses a balance of silver and copper ions in a fiber. The ions attract any microbe present on the fiber and disable their critical functions (metabolism, respiration, and reproduction).

Founded in 1954, Foss Manufacturing specializes in the use of non-woven fabrics and specialty synthetic fibers. Its products can be found everywhere from carwashes and motor homes to wall coverings and craft felts. Foss recently secured a new loan that will allow it to restructure debt and bring on at least 40 more employees. The company is a terrific example of the innovative manufacturing conducted across  North America.