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AESYS Technologies: Advanced Boiler System Helps Ensure Clean Water in New York City


This great manufacturing, engineering, and construction story involving AESYS Technologies dates back to 2006, and is worth retelling because of the scope of the challenge that was met, and the importance of the product – clean water – involved in the project.

In New York City, the North River Water Pollution Control Plant was processing 170 million to 340 million gallons of raw sewage each day. Through the sludge-processing equivalent of wear and tear, the original process hot-water system pipes throughout the plant experienced serious corrosion and leaks. More than 10,000 gallons of hot water were being lost daily, and the plant was frequently forced into expensive piping system drain-downs to permit repairs to be made. The plant’s boilers were fatigued after operating at temperature differentials beyond their design capability.

A project team was assembled involving the New York Power Authority, AESYS Technologies, Harris/AECOM, and Dynamic Mechanical Constructors. A project of this scope could easily have shut down processing for four to six years, but through careful coordination between the plant managers and the companies involved in the project, it was achieved with no interruption of service.

AESYS Technologies provided four new boilers with boiler feedwater/deaerator and condensate transfer systems, blowdown tanks, and chemical-feed systems. More than 25,000 feet of welded hot-water distribution piping were installed. New approaches to technical challenges were developed to address the specific requirements of this project.  A deaerator system ensures feedwater oxygen removal to prevent future boiler corrosion.

The result is a low-pressure process steam-boiler plant controlled by a programmable lead-lag control system, with optimal operational-system redundancy going forward.

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