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Manufacturing is the engine that made America prosperous.

Modern manufacturing will play a pivotal role in our long-term economic vitality.

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Manufacturing Matters


Too many Americans mistakenly believe that manufacturing is not a critical part of our nation's future. In fact, manufacturing in America is a $2.09 trillion enterprise that directly employs 12 million people, plus another 5.7 million through support services. The nation's nearly 270,000 manufacturers account for most of America’s R&D investment, innovation, and exports, and often play a meaningful role in the communities in which they operate.

Manufacturers achieve this economic impact while engaging in a fiercely competitive global economy, and while coping with public policies that too often impede, rather than encourage, their competitiveness.

Advances in productivity allow manufacturers worldwide to produce more with fewer employees than in previous generations. But modern manufacturing still provides rewarding careers with compensation that is higher than the service sector. Today's manufacturing is also technologically advanced, with use of 3D printing, automation, robotics, lasers and advanced screen technologies.

If the U.S. is to remain the world's global economic power, with higher living standards than anywhere else in the world, a robust manufacturing industry is nothing short of essential. Manufacturing stands alongside financial services, professional services, retail, transportation, construction, mining and the many other industries that power the North American economy.

Founded by K Executive Group in Austin, Texas, has a singular mission: Communicating the importance of manufacturing through a wide range of success stories that are too often taken for granted. Our audience includes policymakers, business and civic leaders, educators, students, and workers. 

We encourage you to check back often; share these success stories with friends and colleagues; and remind our policymakers and fellow citizens that a robust economy starts with a strong manufacturing sector.

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