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Canon: One Thousand New Jobs in Virginia


If lawmakers from the nation’s capital want to see advanced manufacturing in action, they need not travel far. The Hampton Roads region of Virginia boasts a number of leaders in modern manufacturing, one of which is Canon USA.

In 2009, Canon completed a 700,000 square foot facility in Newport News that incorporates high-speed, automated technology for production and refurbishment of laser printer cartridges. With assistance from the state of Virginia, Canon’s investment in the project exceeded $640 million, creating about 1,000 new jobs.

Less than 40 miles to the north in Gloucester, Canon operates its newly expanded Industrial Resource Technology division. A decade ago, this facility manufactured three products. Today, it offers an array of contract manufacturing solutions, including high-tolerance injection mold tools, metal and plastic parts, and reverse manufacturing for clients in a range of industries. In total, the U.S. affiliate of the Japanese-based Canon employs more than 2,200 people in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, making it a Great Manufacturing Story.