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Donaldson Company: The First Word in Advanced Filtration Technologies for American Military Aircraft


When American service men and women fly military aircraft is desert environments, they depend upon advanced filtration technologies to protect them from dust, dirt, and other environmental hazards.

Donaldson Company, a Bloomington, Minnesota-based manufacturer celebrating its Centennial in 2015, has developed some of the most advanced filtration technologies for military applications. Its engineers have solved advanced challenges ranging from dust collection to power generation to the purification of compressed air.

Donaldson has a long history of supporting the military. As far back as the 1950s, B-52 bombers used Donaldson’s catalytic air cleaners. A decade later, Donaldson introduced the first turbine-engine air particle separator system.

The record of innovation has continued in recent years, as Donaldson has developed advanced Inlet Barrier Filter systems (IBFs) that protect engines from airborne contamination. The latest versions reduce component erosion, extend engine life, reduce engine temperatures, save power for mission use, and require less maintenance. The company is now developing a new class of IBFs for Boeing MH-47G Chinooks.

To continually develop advances in airborne filtration system technologies, the company relies on a workforce that is heavily staffed with trained scientists, computer experts, statisticians, and engineers. Even while celebrating the Donaldson Company’s 100th anniversary, these employees are likely to remain challenged and busy for many more years to come.