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Huntsman: Largest Maker of Ethylene Oxide in North America


If you have never heard of ethylene oxide, don’t feel bad. The industrial chemical does not come up in casual conversation very often. But that does not mean it isn’t important.

According to the American Chemistry Council, ethylene oxide and its derivatives are used in the production of countless products that we do rely on every day, including polyester fiber for clothing, carpet and pillows; jet skis and bowling balls; bandages and sterile instruments; shampoos and cosmetics; upholstered furniture and bath tubs; engine antifreeze; and many more.

That is why it’s important that manufacturers have access to reliable, affordable supplies of the chemical. In October 2013, Huntsman Corp. announced a $125 million expansion of its ethylene oxide plant in Port Neches, Texas. Jefferson County is participating in the investment with a seven-year property tax abatement on the value of the improvements.

Once the expansion is completed in mid-2015, the Port Neches plant will be the second-largest producer of the chemical in the world, and the largest in North America. Capacity will increase from 1 billion pounds to 1.265 billion pounds per year. The expanded plant will employ about 325 people.

A remarkable aspect of the facility is that Huntsman purchased and refurbished a production unit that LyondellBasell had shut down in Beaumont after it sustained hurricane damage. Huntsman shipped the production unit down the Neches River by barge for installation in Port Neches.

For all of the everyday necessities that rely on ethylene oxide, the expansion of the Huntsman plant in Port Neches is a Great Manufacturing Story.